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The App "Plum Blossom Divination" is an essential useful, a "must have" professional tool for Professionals, but also useful for the beginners.

Plum Blossom Divination, or Mei Hua Yi Shu 梅花易數, is an ancient Chinese calculation Method based on the Yi Jing 易經.

Shao Kang Jie 邵康節, who was also known as Shao Yong 邵雍, discovered Plum Blossom (Mei Hua Yi Shu) Divination during the Song Dynasty.

The Plum Blossom methods do not require the use of coins, yarrow stalks, dice, tortoise shells, or any other object as a tool to derive a Gua. Instead, the use the mind, images, and numbers.

Sometimes when you think of a distant friend for no reason, then the telephone rings and you are just surprised to find that this distant friend is calling.

Many things are taken as omens: anything out of the ordinary, no matter how small; something or someone coming from a certain direction, birds fighting, a girl falling out of a tree, a strange expression on someone’s face, or the Time and Date. These are all the things that can be translated into Gua and analyzed.

The ancient Chinese believed that the Cosmos is a big Tai Ji while every other thing is a small Tai Ji. Different Tai Ji may or may not be in phase. Those that are in phase may resound with each other. That is why some seemingly random and unrelated things can happen at almost the same time. Modern scientists call this Synchronicity.

There are two ways the Universe uses to send a message to us. One is to let us know something before it happens. It is sent by letting our attention be drawn to some strange events or phenomena. The other is to reply to our inquiry. Some diviners can interpret the message by intuition. This requires special blessing from Heaven to have such ability. For most people, a systematic method can be used.

This Application Includes:

1.) Five (5) methods available to derive the Hexagram:
-a. use the Gregorian calendar (Hour, Day, Month, Year) to derive the Hexagram
-b. use the Chinese Lunar calendar (Hour, Day, Month, Year) to derive the Hexagram
-c. use the Name and Surname to derive the Hexagram
-d. use the Date (without hour) to derive the Hexagram
-e. use the Japanese era Date (without hour) to derive the Hexagram.

- Relationship between Body (體 Ti) and Application (用 Yong).

2.) Introduction to Plum Blossom Divination.

3.) Glossary - Analyzing the:
- Gua 卦
- Change Line (爻 Yao)
- Body Gua (體 Ti)
- Application Gua (用 Yong)
- Original Gua (本 Ben)
- Mutual Gua (互 Hu)
- Transform Gua (變 Bian)
- Engender (生 Sheng)
- Restrain (剋 Ke)
- Same Element (比和 Bi He)
- Gua Qi (卦氣)
- Prosper (旺 Wang).

4.) Divination Clues:
- Motion and Stillness
- Incoming and Outgoing
- Guessing Game
- Weather Divination
- Human Affairs Divination
- Home Affairs Divination
- Feng Shui Divination
- Marriage Divination
- Fame Divination
- Wealth Divination
- Trip Divination
- Lost and Found Divination.

5.) Gua Relationships.

6.) Ti Gua Interaction:
Qian generates Ti | Qian controls Ti | Dui generates Ti | Dui controls Ti | Li generates Ti | Li controls Ti | Zhen generates Ti | Zhen controls Ti | Xun generates Ti | Xun controls Ti | Kan generates Ti | Kan controls Ti | Gen generates Ti | Gen controls Ti | Kun generates Ti | Kun controls Ti.

7.) Body Parts and Disease:
- Analysis of the Eight Trigrams, as the Body Gua.

8.) Gua Implications:
Eight Trigrams Analysis for prediction:
- Heaven Implications
- Earth Implications
- Human Implications
- Body Parts
- Sickness
- Human Nature
- Animals
- Plants & Stationary Objects
- Housing
- Food
- Trips
- Lost & Found
- Numbers

Mei Hua Yi Shu (Plum Blossom Divination) is a name that broadly covers any systematic method that can be used. In all these methods, the Trigrams and Hexagrams are used. Some methods do not require the knowledge of the Yi Jing text. Others may use the Yi Jing text.

Synchronicity is the basis of divination. It is a way the Universe is sending a message to human kind.