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The App "Feng Shui Master" is an essential useful, a "must have" professional tool for Professionals Feng Shui Practitioners, but also useful for the beginners.

This Application Includes:

01). Feng Shui Luo Pan Compass, (10 rings).

02). Tong Shu Almanac (the most useful information is all here).
- 12 Officers, 28 Constellations, Qi Men Dun Jia, 5 Tiger Chasing Month, 5 Rat Chasing Hour, 12 Stages of Life, Tai Sui, Sui Po and San Sha, Peach Blossom: Romance and Academic Success.
- Gods and Sha Stars: Heavenly Noble, Prosperity, Sword, Intellect, Golden Carriage, Red Peach Blossom, General Star, Elegant Cover, Heavenly/Monthly Virtue Noble, Robbing Devil, Death God, Heaven Doctor, Solitary Star, Forlorn Star,…. and many-many more…

03). Flying Stars Chart:
- Calculation the Flying Stars of the house with the option if you want to use Replacement Stars.

04). Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Annual Flying Stars:

05). Ba Zhai (8 Houses) Chart.

06). Ming Gua (Life Gua)
Chart with Fortunate and Harmful Directions.

07). Nine Star Ki Astrology Calculation.

08). Castle Gate: Easy calculation and find the Castle Gate.

09). Business Feng Shui:
- Finding a date for the activation of Qi, (Qi Activating)
- 24 Jie Qi.
- Communication Facing- Sitting.

10). Water Methods Techniques. Easy calculation for installation of water.
Examine the Methods:
- Shan Long Fan Gua Water
- Shui Long Fan Gua Water
- Five Ghosts Garry Money Water
- 12 Growth Phases Water
- Growth Phases Prosperous Facing Water
- Xian Tian and Hou Tian Water
- Officer Water
- Eight House Growth Prosperous Verse Water
- Peach Blossom Water
- 6 Harms Water
- Yang Ren Water
- Goat Blade Water
- Yellow Spring Water
- Ba Sha Water
- Disaster & Death Water

11). Ba Zi - Four Pillars Gold Version:
- Precise and easy calculation of the Four Pillars of a person or any date you want.